If you are flying in, there are three options that are best:

  • Detroit Metro Airport

  • Flint Bishop Airport

  • Chicago O'Hare Airport (this is a longer drive, but Alaska Air flies into Chicago, which is a good airline for flying with dogs)

Conformation and performance events will be located adjacent to the Bavarian Inn Lodge at the Harvey Kern Pavilion in Heritage Park. Rooms for the Bull Terrier block rate will be held in the wing of the hotel that is closest to the Kern Pavilion.

Kern Pavilion in Heritage Park 

Conformation show inside Kern Pavilion

Over the last ten years, many dog show specialties have been hosted by the Bavarian Inn Lodge including the:

  • Newfoundland Club (5 times)

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs

  • Scottish Deerhounds (2 times)

  • Great Pyrenees

  • Weimaraners

  • Old English Sheepdogs

  • Afghan Hounds

  • Borzois

  • Italian Greyhounds (2 times)